Smart+ by Ledvance

From light to bright

With SMART+ you illuminate your life individually by smartphone, tablet, voice or mobile controls

This is the new SMART+

Experience the complete freedom of your individual lighting - from anywhere in the world and in millions of colors

Smart light for you

SMART+ is one of the biggest product portfolios worldwide with fascinating lighting options

Numerous smart home systems currently compete on the market - complex home automation systems or pure smart lighting systems. With the new SMART+ portfolio, LEDVANCE now offers comfortable and versatile lighting products that are compatible with a large number of these systems.

Your smart home system can change. SMART+ stays.

You can combine our SMART+ products usually with all smart lighting systems that use ZigBee Lightlink as a wireless transmission path - and that is a lot now. The best known: OSRAM LIGHTIFY and Philips Hue. Depending on the degree of compatibility, up to 100 % of SMART+ features can be actively used.

The big advantage: If you change your smart home system, you can simply integrate our SMART+ products into your new system.

What lighting options do I have with SMART+?

Take advantage of the exiting and varied possibilities to illuminate your home comfortably and flexibly

You get the most extended range of features, additional control options and the maximum ease-of-use by integrating SMART+ into a smart home system, such as OSRAM LIGHTIFY or Philips Hue. Here you control your home lighting via app with your smartphone or tablet.

Which lighting scenarios are adjustable then also depends on the selected system. With SMART+ products you have numerous possibilities. You can, for example, dim, switch to RGB colors, change continuously from warm white to cold white, program automated lighting sequences, group several light sources, connect different rooms and more.

Smart+ Features

Other top features

Live the individual and flexible world of SMART+

  • Presence simulation by lighting, such as switching on and off random light
  • Simulation of a running television
  • Artificial sunrise as a wake-up function
  • Automatic color changing programs

  • Circadiane lighting
  • "If this then that" (IFTTT), linking events
  • Different lighting scenarios controlled with just one button
  • Control of certain functions by voice assistant (Siri, Alexa, Google Home, Bixby Voice, ...)
Smart+ Switch
Smart + Switch Mini

The Switch: pure freedom

Even more comfortable: smart light without an extra smart home system. No router, no web or gateway.

With the exception of the Motion Sensor, you can connect ("pair") all of our products directly to the Switch or Switch Mini within your own SMART+ product portfolio. To operate you need no router, no Internet connection and no gateway. As soon as the devices are connected via Touchlink, you can use the switch or switch mini as a remote control for the following functions:

Product Switch on and off Dimming (100% - 10% brightness) Control whitening (2.700 - 6.500 Kelvin) Control RGB colors (Multicolor)
Indoor Plug Switch / Switch Mini
Dimmable Switch / Switch Mini Switch / Switch Mini
Tunable White Switch / Switch Mini Switch / Switch Mini Switch
Multicolor Switch / Switch Mini Switch / Switch Mini Switch Switch / Switch Mini

Cool features

SMART+ products provide different features. Is there something for you?

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We have attractive partners at our side

Your advantage: more comfortable and faster operation as well as full range of functions

SMART+ products can be used with many smart lighting systems, such as OSRAM LIGHTIFY or Philips Hue. Additionally we also work with selected partners. Your advantage: The SMART+ products are already preset in the software of the partners.

This means a much faster and more comfortable operation. At the same time, together with our partners, we ensure the full range of functions of our products. And with every software update, the technical innovations of SMART+ are of course on board.

Smart+ Partner

Which SMART+ type are you?

SMART+ offers exactly the right, individual lighting in different life situations

Smart+ Urban Lifestyle

Urban Lifestyle

Your home. Individual possibilities.

Smart+ family lifestyle

Family Lifestyle

Secure into the dreamland

Smart+ Comfort lifestyle

Comfort Lifestyle

Simply more quality of life


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