Your Apple device becomes a multimedial light switch. A great combination of practical and cool. In just a few steps you can control your lighting with your iPhone, iPad, iPad touch or Apple Watch. By voice. With Siri - you surely already know her. Simply connect the new SMART+ products via Bluetooth to your device and off you go!

Depending on the mood and the occasion, you can adapt the lighting to your individual requirements and transform your living room for instance from a home office into a cozy TV room in just a few seconds. The key: To use the standard functions you do not need a gateway or a bridge.

Apple HomeKit with Smart+

Speak your light!

Light switches are 90s. This is how you illuminate your home today.

Just let Siri know your lighting wish and your illumination changes automatically, according to your individual needs.

World first: Apple HomeKit filament LED lamps

Currently only for SMART +: The world's first HomeKit compatible LED filament lamps

Smart+ Products compatible to Apple Homekit

Now it's getting really cool! We present the world's first Apple HomeKit filament LED lamps. A real top trend and modern eye-catcher. The dimmable LED lamps also look really great because of their innovative LED rods. Modern in a retro style. If you like you can also use the LED lamps in the color Amber.

You have the choice between three different lamp shapes. Classic. Globe. Edison. All three models light up with 650 lumens and a warm white light color of 2,700 Kelvin. With the so-called Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 you ensure that your colors are reproduced at home very true to original.

More HomeKit compatible SMART+ products

LED lamps and LED strips

In addition, you have the choice between the two LED lamps Classic E27 Multicolor and Classic E27 Dimmable and the two flexible LED strips Indoor Flex 3P Multicolor and Outdoor Flex Multicolor.

LED Lamps
The LED lamps are a modern and efficient 60-watt incandescent replacement. With the multicolor version you can illuminate in almost unlimited number of RGB colors and continuously switch between warm white (2,700 Kelvin) and daylight white (6,500 Kelvin).

LED light strips
With the self-adhesive flex strips, you can also illuminate in millions of different RGB colors and continuously switch between warm white and daylight white. You can extend them to a total length of 6 meters and place them individually in your apartment or in the garden. The LED strips can be controlled individually or in groups and, of course, also retrieve stored automated processes.

All AppleHomeKit compatible indoor products All Apple HomeKit compatible outdoor products
Apple HomeKit compatible Smart+ products

Apple HomeKit with Smart+

The features

No installation of additional devices

Super easy: You need no gateway, no Wifi router or bridge. Just connect your smart lighting via Bluetooth with the Apple Device - done! The features: on/off, full dimming, color change, grouping, scenes.

Smart+ Apple HomeKit

Full featured with
Apple TV or iPad

More features with both devices starting with iOS 10. Light control comfortably from a distance, for instance from the office or holiday - also automatically as a special lighting sequence. Or individual links between different HomeKit-compatible devices. For example: automatically illumination as soon as the smart shutters shut down.


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