1. First steps / commissioning SMART+ products, system requirements and installation

1.1. What do I need to start operating SMART+ products in conjunction with a LIGHTIFY system?

To operate SMART+ products in conjunction with a LIGHTIFY system you need:

  • An iOS/Android tablet, smartphone or iPod Touch (iOS 7 (or higher)/Android (4.1 or higher)) as well as an Internet connection and a WiFi router (make sure you are using the most recent iOS version or Android system software in order to avoid error messages)
  • The free LIGHTIFY App
  • A LIGHTIFY Gateway
  • One or more SMART+ lamps or luminaires

1.2. How can SMART+ products be connected to the LIGHTIFY system?

Before you start, make sure that your LIGHTIFY system is properly installed and has the latest updates. To integrate new SMART+ products, simply press "+" to the top right in the LIGHTIFY App on the "Geräte/Devices" screen and follow the App's instructions. The lamp or luminaire will flash briefly once connected successfully. It can take up to three minutes to set up the connection for SMART+ lamps or luminaires.

1.3. How many SMART+ products can I add to a LIGHTIFY system?

You can connect up to 50 SMART+ products (lamps, luminaires, switches or sensors) to the LIGHTIFY system. The maximum number of switches per LIGHTIFY system is limited to 15 and the maximum number of sensors to 10.

2. Using and operating SMART+ products

3.1. With which devices can I use the LIGHTIFY App?

You will need an IOS/Android tablet, a smartphone or an iPod Touch (iOS 7 (or higher)/Android (4.1 or higher)).

Note: If you are using an iPad and cannot find the LIGHTIFY App in the Apple App Store, please select "for iPhone" as a search criterion in the App Store.

3. General questions on SMART+ products

3.1. How can SMART+ products be updated using the LIGHTIFY App?

SMART+ products can be updated using free-of-charge firmware updates in order, for example, to improve usability or add new functions or features.

This is how to install a new firmware update:

Please check first that your gateway is plugged in, connected to the Internet and is lighting green. You can obtain newly available firmware for SMART+ products free of charge using the Einstellungen (Settings) >> System Update function on the LIGHTIFY App. Please always update the LIGHTIFY Gateway first before installing firmware for your lamps and luminaires. It can take a few minutes after the update has been started. The charge bar on the System Update Screen of the LIGHTIFY App indicates the update status. Please do not switch off either the gateway or the SMART+ products while the update is in progress.