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From light to bright

With SMART+ you illuminate your life individually by smartphone, tablet, voice or mobile controls

Smart LED lighting is revolutionizing your home. With exciting new illuminating options. With individual, automated sequences for indoor and outdoor. Controlled with your voice via Amazon Echo Plus or Apple HomeKit, via mobile devices or portable switches. You can even integrate your existing luminaires.

Pure flexibility: individual light by voice

Experience total freedom - from home and everywhere in the world. You can combine SMART+ products with smart lighting apps that communicate wirelessly with ZigBee - hence with all major systems.

Your benefit: If you change your smart home system, you can easily integrate our SMART + products into your new system.

Smart+ LED lighting
Smart+ smarte LED lighting
Smart+ garden lighting
Smart+ Relax
Bluetooth Mesh

News: SMART+ lighting products for use with Bluetooth mesh networking

Higher reach and faster response times

Do you know about the Apple HomeKit? You can use your smartphone to control your lighting over Bluetooth. Thanks to OSRAM SMART+ products from LEDVANCE. It’s super convenient and really fun to use.

The next step: We’re one of the first companies to be offering smart lighting products with the latest Bluetooth mesh technology. This gives you three essential advantages: It extends the signal range significantly. The signal reaches up to 300 meters. And: Thanks to this cutting-edge signal standard, you can set up an entire smart-home system as well as connect such Bluetooth mesh-enabled devices as thermostats, language assistants, and the like. And not to be forgotten: You will really notice the shorter response time – our LED lighting products can respond even more quickly to the changes you make on your smartphone. Try it out today and experience the exciting new world of smart lighting!

World first: Apple HomeKit filament LED lamps

Currently only for SMART +: The world's first HomeKit compatible LED filament lamps

Now it's getting really cool! We present the world's first Apple HomeKit filament LED lamps. A real top trend and modern eye-catcher. The dimmable LED lamps also look really great because of their innovative LED rods. Modern in a retro style.

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Smart+ HomeKit compatible LED Filament Lamps

Smart+ smarte Beleuchtung

Speak your light!

It could not be simpler: Talk to Amazon Alexa or Apple's Siri and control your light individually with your voice. The features: on/off, dimming, color change, light temperature.

Smart+ Switch

The Switch

The light switch to go

You can connect all of our products directly to the Switch or Switch Mini within your own SMART+ product portfolio. Without router, internet connection or gateway. The only exception: the Motion Sensor.

Basic features with Siri and Alexa

You can control these features also via voice control

Smart+ Features

SMART+ Features

Take advantage of the exciting possibilities to illuminate your home flexibly

You can control all basic features via voice. The most extended range is usable by using a smart home system and an app. Here you control your home lighting via app with your smartphone or tablet. For instance dimming, RGB color mode, light temperature, program automated lighting sequences, SMART+ Motion sensor, group several light sources, connect different rooms and more.

Our smart partners

You can use SMART+ products with systems from different providers

Smart+ Partner

Which SMART+ type are you?

SMART+ offers exactly the right, individual lighting in different life situations

Smart+ family lifestyle

Family Lifestyle

Secure into the dreamland

Smart+ Urban Lifestyle

Urban Lifestyle

Your home. Individual possibilities.

Smart+ Comfort lifestyle

Comfort Lifestyle

Simply more quality of life


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