Honda Gent

Honda replaces 8,000 fluorescent lamps with innovative SubstiTUBE LED tubes

Energy savings of up to 20%

Project benefits at a glance

Located in the port of Ghent, Belgium, Honda Motor Europe Logistics has been the logistics center of Honda in Europe for more than 30 years. Recently, 8,000 obsolete fluorescent lamps ended up in the container and were replaced by energy-saving OSRAM LED tubes. Right from the start the new innovative LED strip light illumination saves more than 20% of energy and maintenance costs.

Project infos

  • Gent, Belgium, 2014
  • Application area: Industry
  • Sub-application: Factories
  • Technology: LED, LED tubes, Luminaires

LED lamps and LED luminaires from OSRAM lead the way to lower costs

The energy consumption of lighting that had been there for years had always been a major debit item. This is why Honda decided to switch entirely to energy-saving LED lighting technology. In collaboration with OSRAM, the existing fluorescent luminaires were fitted with the OSRAM LED tubes SubstiTUBE Basic and Advanced. In addition, MONSUN T26 luminaires were also installed, fitted with SubstiTUBE LED tubes.

Simple replacement and guaranteed operation

Honda chose OSRAM as LED supplier for its ease of replacement. The simple action of taking out the old fluorescent lamp and starter and inserting the new LED lamp and starter is done in no time and does not require a technician. Certainty also played an important role in this decision. For such a significant investment as this one, working with a firm that could offer an adequate quality guarantee was a requirement. David Schauwvliege, Operational Manager Facilities for Honda: "Just like Honda, OSRAM is a company with a good reputation and for which sustainability is also of considerable importance. A company that cannot permit any damage to its image."

Honda Gent

Less energy consumption and less maintenance

Because of the relamping, Honda now consumes considerably less energy than before. The payback time is calculated at two years. This calculation is twofold. On the one hand, saving on energy consumption: Honda can see the drop in energy costs month by month on its bills. "Our electricity factor has decreased by 20% and we are working much more sustainably”, said Noë Denecker, senior consultant for Honda. On the other hand, saving on the cost of replacement. Previously, the many hours of labor needed to replace the fluorescent lamps resulted in higher replacement costs. Thanks to the OSRAM SubstiTUBE life span of 40,000 hours, there will be no need to replace any lamps during the next ten years and so Honda is also saving in labor costs.

Just like Honda, OSRAM is a company with a good reputation and for which sustainability is also of considerable importance. A company that cannot permit any damage to its image.

David Schauwvliege, Operational Manager Facilities for Honda

LED strip light illumination with sustainable effects

The Panels also come with a 5-year guarantee, providing the hospital with peace of mind regarding the reliability of the products being installed. The LEDVANCE Panels did not disappoint in terms of safety, too: The cost contribution of lighting on the hospital’s electric utility bill was significant prior to the LED upgrade. After the Panels were easily integrated with the hospital’s building management system, the team noticed up to 70% energy savings through lighting. What’s more, the homogeneous light produced by the panels has been noticed by medical staff, patients and visitors alike, with many commenting on how the light is perceived to promote well-being and help create a bright and clean working environment.

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