SMART+ Holiday

Comfort Lifestyle

Simply more quality of life with SMART+

Coming home? Enjoying outdoors? For all moments.

Smart light for shiny moments even after sunset.

Enjoy relaxed hours

Illuminate your garden according to your wishes

The old light chain was quite nice, but with SMART+ outdoor lighting your evening hours in the garden become a real feel-good experience. You can create an unforgettable atmosphere with the SMART+ Gardenpole, the Outdoor Flex and the Outdoor Plug. With the Plug you can even integrate existing luminaires into your smart lighting system. Place the products everywhere in your garden and benefit from many color temperatures and countless RGB colors. Everything can be individually controlled and changed at any time.

We recommend these products

Gardenpole Mini Multicolor and Outdoor Flex Multicolor

SMART+ Outdoor Lights
SMART+ Outdoor Lights
SMART+ Outdoor Plug
SMART+ Outdoor Plug

Home? Holiday? Wherever.

With smart light only you know when you are not home.

Only you know you're traveling

With SMART+ you control your lighting automatically from everywhere

Are you traveling and want security for your home? An unlit home can be traitorous. With the SMART+ Plug you can create light scenes and trigger them automatically. You can control your garden lighting automatically with the SMART+ Gardenpole. The SMART + Motion sensor provides additional security. All SMART+ products can also be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world via internet access.

We recommend these products

Classic E27 Tunable White and Gardenpole Multicolor

Smart+ Vacation mode
SMART+ Holiday


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